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Hurricane Harvey 2017

Hurricane Harvey 2017
I've now lived through two hurricanes in Houston. Hurricane Ike 2008, and Hurricane Harvey 2017. Both were completely different experiences for me. Ike was a disaster, because I wasn't prepared; Harvey was a breeze, because I was.Making it through a hurricane without personal tragedy is all abou [...]

Surviving Prepper’s Digest Volume 2

I really enjoy writing here at Surviving Prepper. But I also enjoy reading great posts from other prepping web sites around the Internet. Here are some posts I found recently. Please click through to some of these links and explore our the Surviving Prepper's Digest Volume 2.8 Lessons Learned Fr [...]

7 Non-Traditional Methods of Cooking

Alternative Cooking Methods
Regardless of whether you enjoy outdoor adventures, learning to cook without the convenience of electricity is an important survival skill. Knowing alternative cooking methods is fun for camping and back packing with friends, but it becomes vital in natural disasters or emergency situations when we [...]

Is Your Bug Out Bag Too Heavy?

Bug Out Bag Too Heavy
Is your bug out bag too heavy? Did your first attempt at building the perfect bug out bag result in a whopping 85 lbs (38.5 kg) or more? While you could pick this up and carry it, you might die of a heart attack before you made it a mile down the road. At this point there are only a few options. Mor [...]

Survival Uses of a Tactical Flashlight

Tactical Flashlight
A tactical flashlight should be an essential part of your everyday carry kit because--unlike a normal flashlight, which is primarily for illumination--a tactical flashlight has multiple uses that could be vital to your survival. This is a guest post from Shooting Mystery.The differences between [...]

SafeGuard Body Armor

SafeGuard Armour
This is a guest post from SafeGuard Body Armor.You can never know when danger will strike or when an emergency will take place, but there is no excuse not to be prepared. If a hurricane rolls through your neighborhood and wipes out the power down your entire block, it could be days before it get [...]

Did Al-Qaeda Read Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy
During high school, I was a Tom Clancy fanatic. I was reading his early books as they were new and on the Best Seller lists (yes I am that old). Tom Clancy's writing style is intense. He goes into incredible detail about his characters, military equipment and the political world. Nothing I had read [...]

Tin Foil Recipes For Campfire Cooking

Campfire Cooking
Ahhh, camping – a great way to get outside and practice your survival skills. Call me weird, but one of my favorite aspects about camping is cooking over a campfire. There's something about it that feels simple about campfire cooking, and that it makes it easy to enjoy.A great way of campfire [...]

Ryan Weldon PTSD Awareness and Camp Hope

Ryan Weldon
I first heard about Ryan Weldon because of the radio station that I listen to in the Houston area. 94.5 TheBuzz brought up the story of when Weldon was doing the 5000 mile walk across the United States for PTSD awareness.Ryan is an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, who served in the Marine Corps [...]