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6 Walking Dead Inspired Survival Tips

Since its inception, AMC's hit television drama The Walking Dead has seen huge success. Doesn't sound familiar to you? Well, if you've been taking a hiatus from television for the last 9 years, just know that the show follows an unlikely band of friends fighting to survive in a zombie-infested [...]

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Tips for Building Your Own AR-15

Building an AR-15 is a helluva fun adventure, especially with how the market's exploded in recent years. Never before have so many options been made available. Now, you can build your own AR-15 from scratch with an 80 lower! But there are some important tips and secrets to building your [...]

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Ruger 10/22 – Ultimate Upgrade Guide

The Ruger 10/22 is by far the most popular .22 caliber rifle ever made. Most models are inexpensive, the design is simple, and the rifle is super reliable. Plus it is the perfect rifle to teach a child how to shoot. Each one of my children have one of their [...]

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Would You Survive a Knife Fight?

I was recently reading a Tom Clancy book - Power and Empire - (which of course isn't written by him anymore, since he passed away in 2013) and the main character went through some pretty intense knife-fighting training to enhance his martial art skills. I'll go into more detail about [...]

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3 High-End Pistols to DROOL Over

I love shooting. It doesn't matter if I'm plinking with a .22 or shooting long range with a high powered rifle. I enjoy all of it. But when you get a really high end pistol in your hands, GAAAAWD the drool starts flowing. Don't spend your money on multiple mediocre [...]

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When and Why You Need Body Armor

In recent years gun-related incidents and attacks have been on the rise. This poses the need for civilians, security personnel, military and law enforcement agents in the US to look into their options for body armor. While no vest is 100% bulletproof, it can significantly increase the wearer’s chances of [...]

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