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Lock Picking For Preppers

On TV you see Sherlock Holmes, private detectives, CIA agents, and criminals picking locks. They make it look easy, like it takes no effort at all. But lock picking is one of those skills that you have to practice by [...]

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Ammo Subscription

I'm sure you've had subscriptions in the past. Magazines. Newspapers. Netflix. It's not a new concept to get news and entertainment by subscription. But did you know that you can also get an Ammo Subscription! Ammunition delivered to your doorstep, [...]

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Survival Seeds From Hometown Seeds

Here at Surviving Prepper we prefer to minimize the number of affiliate ads that we allow on our site. Too many ads distract the reader from the content of the posts, and content is important to us. So, if you [...]

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Backwoods Home Magazine

My favorite magazine of all time has to be Backwoods Home Magazine (BHM). I've never met the people who produce this magazine, but I can say for sure that they are of my tribe. We have the same mind set. [...]

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