Remington 700 Upgrade – Building Your Ultimate Sniper Rifle

Updated October 2017. I’ve always wanted an Ultimate Sniper Rifle. Like you see in the movies or video games.

Maybe the awesome CheyTac M200 Intervention?
CheyTac- my ultimate sniper rifle choice

Or the mighty Barrett M82!!
m82a1 Barrett

But when you look at the high-end rifles you can’t buy anything under $10k. I don’t know about you, but there is no way I can justify that with my income.

Then comes the Remington Model 700 Tactical Chassis! Wow at $3k this is an awesome sniper rifle. Coming in the most popular sniper calibers .308, .300 Win Mag and the .338 Lapua Mag with a 24″ or a 26″ barrel. This is what I should buy!

Remington model 700 tactical chasis - remington 700 sniper rifle

Problem is, I already bought a Remington Model 700 SPS in .308 with a threaded barrel a few years ago. Before the Remington 700 Tactical Chassis version was even available.

MODEL 700 SPS THREADED BARREL - My base remington 700 308 sniper rifle

And I’m not the only one. The Remington 700 is one of the most popular rifles for the last 50 years. Its accuracy and the reliability is known around the world. Military and law enforcement agencies use them as sniper rifles. Civilian hunters use them to hunt just about every animal out there. Many people already own them. So this article will focus on what you can do to your existing Remington 700 rifle to improve the accuracy and the aesthetics of it.

The Best Remington 700 Upgrades for your Ultimate Sniper Rifle

Choose Your Stock Upgrade

Let’s start by swapping out your stock. This can be done in just 30 minutes and could make a huge difference to your rifle.

MagPul Hunter remington 700 sniper stock

Magpul Industries Hunter 700 Rifle Stock (Short action) Black, Flat Dark Earth and OD Green
Magpul Industries Hunter 700 Rifle Stock (Long action) Flat Dark Earth

The Magpul Remington 700 Hunter stock is made from reinforced polymer, anodized A380 cast aluminum bedding block and offers users a fully adjustable length of pull, comb height, and enhanced ergonomics. This stock is a true “drop-in” solution. It is also M-LOK compatible to accept a huge number of accessories. Best of all is the available Magpul’s Bolt Action Magazine Well (sold separately. Only available for the .308, .300 Win Mag and the .338 Lapua Mag.), which allows your internal rifle magazine to now have an external magazine without the need for custom inletting. Be sure to order the correct model depending on if you own a short or a long action rifle. It’s a great upgrade, available in several colors and for under $250.

Master Piece Arms MPA BA Chassis Systems

Masterpiece Arms MPA BA Chassis Stock (Short action) Black, Bronze, Flat Dark Earth or Gunmetal
Masterpiece Arms MPA BA Chassis Stock (Long action) Black, Bronze, Flat Dark Earth or Gunmetal

This unique chassis system from Masterpiece Arms provides a super precision platform for the Remington 700 Short and Long. Whether you’re increasing the accuracy capabilities of your existing action due to the V-Bedding System as well as adding tactical features to your rifle, or building a super precision rifle for long range competitions, the MPA BA Chassis will provide a world class chassis system sure to exceed your expectations. Be sure to order the correct model depending on if you own a short or a long action rifle. This is my favorite stock, available in several colors and for under $900.

Accuracy International AX AICS Chassis REM 700

Accuracy International AX AICS Chassis REM 700 SA .308 Black, Pale Brown and Green
Accuracy International AX AICS Chassis REM 700 LA .300 WIN Black, Pale Brown and Green
Accuracy International AX AICS Chassis REM 700 LA .338 LAPUA Black and Pale Brown

Then there is the Accuracy International AX AICS Chassis. This is the most advanced replacement stock system available for the Remington 700. It has full-length aluminum chassis, folding stock, pistol grip, adjustable cheek piece, butt pad, bipod adapter, 13″ or 16″ forend tube, flush cup sling loops. Be sure to order the correct model depending on whether you own a short or a long action rifle and the correct caliber rifle. Only available for the .308, .300 Win Mag and the .338 Lapua Mag. Available in several colors and expect to pay over $1500 for this stock.

Here is a short video that shows how to install a new stock on your existing rifle.

Choose Your Scope

Bushnell Elite Tactical 10x40mm
The Bushnell Elite Tactical 10x40mm is kind of the entry level sniper scope. It has a Mil-Dot reticle, large windage/elevation knobs and a fixed magnification power.

Leupold 115390 Mark AR MOD 1 Riflescope
The Leupold 115390 Mark AR MOD 1 Riflescope 3-9x40mm is a good mid-level sniper scope. With a very clear image, variable magnification from 3 to 9 power and precise windage/elevation knobs.

Weaver Tactical 3-15 x 50mm Illuminated Long Range Scope
The Weaver Tactical 3-15 x 50mm Illuminated Long Range Scope is another good mid level sniper scope. Variable magnification from 3 to 15 power and an illuminating reticle for easy target acquisition.

Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50 Riflescope
The Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II 5-25×50 Riflescope is an incredible rifle scope. The illuminated recticle is perfectly designed. The adjustment knobs are easy and the view is very clear.

The Nightforce BEAST is a high end scope that is at the top of the pack. Variable magnification from 5 to 25 power and near perfect light transmission. This is what is on the rifles of the US military. At just under $4000, this beast is not for the faint of heart. But this is the ultimate sniper rifle glass.

Choose Your Trigger Upgrade

The single upgrade that will improve your rifle’s accuracy the most is a high-end trigger. You will find single stage and two stage triggers. Timney makes some incredible “drop in” replacement triggers. Calvin Motley is the trigger designer at Timney who produces the single stage or two stage triggers that you should buy. Single stage is better for field fire and two stage is better for range fire. If you plan to shoot really long ranges, a two stage trigger is the better choice.

Here is a list of their features:

  • Self-contained drop in trigger.
  • Lightweight 6061-T6 CNC Machined aluminum housing with Wire EDM cut, Heat treated Tool steel trigger and sears.
  • Featuring a double sear design.
  • Two position, trigger blocking side safety.
  • Fully adjustable Sear Engagement, Over-travel, and pull weight from 8oz.-2.5lbs.
  • Available in blue(black) and Nickel Plated.
  • Teflon nickel coated Sears to guarantee a lifetime of reliable service.

Timney Calvin Elite single stage trigger
Timney Calvin Elite Remington Model 700 520CE

Left Hand Blued or Nickel
Right Hand Blued or Nickel

Timney Calvin Elite two stage trigger
Timney Calvin Elite Remington Model 700 532CE 2-STAGE

Right Hand Blued or Nickel

Here is a video to help you install your new trigger:

Choose Your Barrel Accessory

I bought a Remington 700 with a threaded barrel, not to add a flash suppressor or a muzzle brake, but because I wanted to get a silencer for the rifle. Now understand that a bullet must be sub-sonic to truly be silenced. So a high powered rifle round isn’t going to be completely quiet. But at the range you’re shooting, the bullet should hit before you hear the noise. So the sound suppression is intended for the area close to the actual rifle. Depending on the brand and the round that you are shooting, expect between a 120-150 decibel reduction. Since there is special licensing involved in silencers in some locations, I am not linking to places where you can buy them directly, but rather the manufacturer’s sites. Should your Ultimate Sniper Rifle be quiet?

Integrally Suppressed Remington 700

What if you didn’t have to screw on a silencer? What if the actual barrel had a built in silencer? Though not common or inexpensive, they exist. They are called Integrally Suppressed firearms and are used by special operation groups around the world. But lately as silencers become more attainable, a few companies have popped up with popular civilian firearms available. Here are a few that offer the Remington 700.

Choose Your Bipod

Harris Engineering makes the best BiPods available. They are light, easy to adjust and affordable. Don’t bother saving a few dollars with a different brand.

Don’t Want to Build it Yourself?

If you want to start fresh with a brand new Remington 700 and pick every modification possible (including custom gunsmithing) then try They have top notch services to build a truly ultimate sniper rifle, starting with several base rifles, including the Remington 700.

See the following article by to see their top picks for the best rifles for preppers including the conversion of your existing AR-15 to 300 AAC Blackout.

Take care of your rifle! put together a great gun cleaning kit post.

Additional Remington 700 Resources

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11 Responses to Remington 700 Upgrade – Building Your Ultimate Sniper Rifle

  1. Gary March 24, 2017 at 12:42 pm #

    Yes I have a model 700 bdl 270 winchester that belonged to my father is it a candidate for making a sniper rifle

    • Marc March 25, 2017 at 10:32 am #

      The 270 is a good round for long range, light targets. All of the items in this article will be available for your rifle.

  2. Michael Brodine March 24, 2017 at 3:49 pm #

    Been looking for what to do with Remington 700 ADL 22/250, light barrel. Thinking barrel & chamber in diffrent cal.? Restock. Thinking .223 or .308 ? Open to ideas.

    • Marc March 25, 2017 at 10:34 am #

      Bigger is better in my opinion. I love my .308!

  3. Nick Yackeren May 27, 2017 at 7:32 am #

    I have a 783 model chambered in 7mm Rem Mag would these features be available for my rifle?

    • Marc May 27, 2017 at 9:20 am #

      Yes most of the upgrades are available for the 783 also. They are not as plentiful, but still available.

  4. Seena May 29, 2017 at 11:46 am #

    One of the scope recommendations on the site for a Remington 700, is a Leupold 115390 Mark AR MOD 1 Riflescope 3-9x40mm. Can this particular scope take the recoil of a 308?

    • Marc May 30, 2017 at 7:34 am #

      Yes Seena the Leupold will handle the recoil of a 308 rifle. It is a really nice scope. Or you might also look at the Vortex Diamondback Tactical or the more pricey Vortex PST Gen II.

  5. Remington 700 Shooter July 4, 2017 at 10:21 am #

    Nice list of upgrades! My favorite rifle is Remington 700.


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