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Survival Uses of a Tactical Flashlight

Tactical Flashlight
A tactical flashlight should be an essential part of your everyday carry kit because--unlike a normal flashlight, which is primarily for illumination--a tactical flashlight has multiple uses that could be vital to your survival. This is a guest post from Shooting Mystery.The differences between [...]

SafeGuard Body Armor

SafeGuard Armour
This is a guest post from SafeGuard Body Armor.You can never know when danger will strike or when an emergency will take place, but there is no excuse not to be prepared. If a hurricane rolls through your neighborhood and wipes out the power down your entire block, it could be days before it get [...]

Body Armor to Help You Survive a SHTF Situation

Body Armor
No matter how carefully and thoroughly you have prepped for a SHTF situation, if you get shot you will probably die. That is why you need to think about some sort of body armor to protect you. We covered some options in the Tactical Vest post recently, but that was more about preparedness and having [...]

Tactical Vest Selection

Tactical Vests
There is a lot of talk about bug out bags in the prepper community, and for good reason. If you're leaving one place, probably in a hurry and never to return, it's a good idea to have a pre-packed bag full of items that will help get you out of Dodge as efficiently as possible. Bug out bags make sen [...]