On TV you see Sherlock Holmes, private detectives, CIA agents, and criminals picking locks. They make it look easy, like it takes no effort at all. But lock picking is one of those skills that you have to practice by picking locks over and over again, repeatedly, until you become proficient.

Unfortunately this isn’t exactly a skill that is easy to practice in the open. You can’t go to your neighbors home and practice on their front door, and if you do, you are liable to get shot or the police may be called to stop you. It is not illegal to know the skill and have the tools to do it. It is just illegal to break into someones private property. So you need to practice privately and then be ready for a SHTF situation. Luckily there are some really good resources available to help you gain experience.

Please check your local laws before buying anything. Here is a good article about laws for the United States.

Lock Picks

First you will need to get a decent set of lock picks. You don’t need the most expensive pick set available, but a nice set from a good company is important.

Practice Locks

Next having a variety of different styles of locks will help you get the kind of experience you need. Several companies produce clear locks that help you see the internals of a lock as you try to pick it.

Lock Picking Books

All of the practice locks and lock pick sets come with a basic instruction book to get you started picking locks. But if you want additional information that will teach you in more detail, getting a book on the subject is a good idea.

Lock Picking Videos

Some people learn faster when they have someone show them how to learn a new skill. Here are a few lock picking YouTube videos.


Lock Picking Resources

Below are a few additional resources that you can use for more lock picking information.