Consider Adding a Pellet Rifle to Your Arsenal

When I was a child, my uncle bought me a Crossman 760 BB and pellet rifle. After my father and I added a little 3x scope to it, there wasn't an aluminum can (or sparrow) anywhere near me that was safe. I spent as much time as possible hunting in the woods close to my home. Honestly, I wasn't any good at it. I made way too much noise and had too little patience. But I did have a lot of fun. Then, when I was a teenager, my father bought me a Ruger 10/22 and my pellet rifle was [...]

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Q&A with F-1 Firearms

Let me give you a little bit of background information before we get to the F-1 Firearms Q&A. I really want a nice AR-15. So I started shopping. But with three kids and higher priorities in life, my philosophy on firearm purchases has always been "quality over quantity." My wife and I agree on this, thankfully. So when I told her I would like to buy a high-end AR-15 starting at around $2000, she didn't blink an eye. Just told me to do my research and find a good one. I did a lot of research when I built the [...]

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Cooking Great Food From Scratch

With the holidays just around the corner, we are entering baking season.  Most of us have memories of mothers and grandmothers baking cookies and pies and other wonderful treats on chilly fall and winter days; or big family dinners with steaming bowls and platters crowded on the table.  Despite the popularity of the Food Network and Gordon Ramsay, cooking and baking from scratch are actually rare.  I hope this trend changes for so many reasons. Before I start, I want to say that I don't mean to "shame" anyone who doesn’t cook for whatever reason.  It’s no one’s business why [...]

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Survival Shovel – Product Review

Recently I made an alliance with Survival Hax. They sent me a survival shovel to review. Honestly this is the first time anyone has sent me a product to review. Of course I asked very nicely in both the AR-15 and Archery link list for manufacturers to send me products to review. But none of them have contacted me yet. So let's concentrate on the survival shovel. First off, as I picked up the box that it came in, I noticed that it was really light. In the box was a nice bag that held the shovel. Opening the bag, [...]

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Snaring is More Productive Than Hunting

I've always thought that snaring is something that you do after you run out of bullets and can't hunt anymore. But recently I read the Grid Down Reality Bites series of books by Bruce "Buckshot" Hemming and Sara Freeman and I realized I was wrong. I enjoy hunting. These days it's mainly a productive form of bonding and recreation with family and friends, since most of our meat is raised, slaughtered, butchered, and packaged neatly for our selection at the local butcher, or grocery store. But if we someday find ourselves in a TEOTWAWKI situation where the supply chain is [...]

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Something’s Brewin’ – How to make Hard Cider

Fall means many things in Vermont; from the amazingly beautiful foliage, to Harvest and Hunter moons lighting up the night, to farm stands stacked with pumpkins and winter squash, to crisp evenings around the fire pit. One of my favorite parts of Fall in Vermont is Apple Season, because along with Apple Season comes the cider pressing. There is nothing quite like freshly pressed apple cider. If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where fresh-pressed cider is available, seriously think about making hard cider. But even if you don't have orchards nearby, there are options to brew your own hard [...]

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Lessons Learned from One Second After

One Second After by William R. Forstchen is a really scary book. Not scary like a Stephen King book, but more like a wake up call to how fragile the world we live in is. This is the book that prompted my first post, and really pushed me to start thinking of myself as a prepper or a survivalist. If you stay dependent on today's way of life, you will die quickly when it is all taken away from you. This post is a review of One Second After and assumes you have read the book. If you haven't already [...]

Five Finger Death Punch – Support Veterans

Here at Surviving Prepper we do not do religion or political posts. As tempting as it is to slam whatever silly politician is currently in the news for doing something stupid, or to bash someone's view of how their god is better than yours, we just don't do it. But we do support veterans. If you live in the United States of America, you enjoy your freedom and your chosen way of life because of the dedication and sacrifice of our veterans, whose blood, sweat, and tears was spilt in fighting for our liberty. Here at Surviving Prepper we support [...]

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