The Ultimate Sniper Rifle Link List

When it comes to firearms, the sniper rifle is the ultimate game changer. Being able to reach out at long distances to take out important targets can change the morale of soldiers and the outcome of individual battles. The psychological impact of a really good sniper, can make aggressors too afraid to move around in the open. During Vietnam war, Carlos Hathcock was a force that scared the enemy. Many snipers lost their lives hunting Hathcock. One kill that has been reproduced in many Hollywood movies is where Hathcock shot a sniper through his own rifle scope to kill him. [...]

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Bugging Out: Homestead Location

My family and I live in a suburb of Houston -- one of the largest, most congested cities in the United States -- and it's the last place we want to be if the SHTF.  We'd like to have a homestead in a close-knit community of friends and family set up before anything goes horribly wrong, but that reality is still in the dream stage. If the grid goes down tomorrow, we'll be in really bad shape. We don't have a place to go, a way to get there, or any tools or supplies to help us along the way. [...]

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Foraging: Harvesting Wild Edibles

Knowing where and how to forage is a skill that I feel all Homesteaders need.  It’s also something that varies from location to location. There is some risk to foraging, especially for novices, as many safe and nutritious plants have toxic look-alikes. Since I’m a novice, I’m going to concentrate on resources you can use for more expert information as far as plant identification, and I will share tips I was given during foraging workshops that I’ve taken. I’ll also include links and information for some common plants that are plentiful across the US. Why should I forage?  My motivation [...]

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Bug Out Communications

Bug Out Communications was previously posted at: In the event of an emergency, you might not be able to depend on your cell or land-line phones to exchange information between you and your loved ones. The cell towers may be un-powered or completely overloaded. Network coverage may be spotty outside of your coverage area. The internet might be down so no emails can get back and forth. So what can you do? Check out our article about Packet Radio and how to send messages and files via radio waves during a grid-down situation.  The tried and true backup system is [...]

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Managing Bees – The Queen and her Court-Part 2

I am amazed every time I watch my bees. They are simply fascinating. In true HRH fashion, I’ve named my queens – after the queens of Bohemia, of course. Queen Beatrice reigns over my first hive; the others are Queen Adelaide, Queen Caroline and Queen Eleanor. In this post, I’m going to discuss some tips, tricks and lessons I’ve learned for maintaining your hives and bee yard. Predators:  regardless of where you live, you’re going to have predators in your yard.  Most of these predators are after the larvae for the protein.  The honey is just a bonus.  I’ve listed some [...]

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Four Awesome Survival Knives on Amazon

When I hear the words Survival Knife the first thing I think of is the monster knives that Sylvester Stallone carried in the Rambo movies First Blood (1982), Rambo (1985) and Rambo III (1988). But honestly carrying a huge Rambo knife into the woods is just not realistic. Most modern survival knives used today are similar in shape and size, fixed blade, full tang knives made of super hard carbon steel, or stainless steel, that will keep a sharp edge for a long time. These days you can buy just about anything on Amazon and these are the best survival knives on their site. Each blade comes [...]

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Getting Started With Bees – The Queen and her Court – Part 1

Did you know that honey doesn't spoil?  It is literally good forever.  Honey was found in Egyptian tombs and after 3000 years, it’s still edible.  Honey is Nature’s most amazing sweetener.  Unlike sap used to make syrup, and cane used to make sugar, the honey of bees requires no processing before use; just take it straight from the comb.  One bee hive can produce as much as 50 pounds of honey per year.  This could be a significant financial impact for your homestead. Honey isn’t the only reason to keep bees.  Most people are aware of the honey bee colony collapse in [...]

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Ready! Set!! Prep!!! – Modern Sporting Rifles

So here we are. Last, but certainly not least. Part 3 of my series of posts on Prepper Guns. In this post I will be discussing what the liberal anti-gun media considers evil, semi-sentient, blood thirsty, slaughter machines. The Modern Sporting Rifles. I can almost hear readers saying "Finally he gets to the Assault Rifles!" but not so fast friends. The PKGs we will be talking about here are NOT Assault Rifles. You can do a fair amount of assaulting with them, but that doesn't make them Assault Rifles. Outwardly they may appear to be identical to their military brethren, [...]

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The Ultimate Archery Link List

The bow and arrow is such an iconic weapon used on almost every continent throughout history. Whether you are talking about the archery skills of Robin Hood, Genghis Khan or the Apache Indians. All of them used bows to change history. Movie and TV shows have really inspired a whole new generation of archers. Movies including: The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Brave and The Lord of the Rings. TV including: Arrow. There are probably 100's or even 1000's of bow makers (bowyers) around the world. This list is the beginning of my attempt to link to ALL of them. The [...]

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Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

In my mind, the #1 benefit of having poultry on our homestead is fresh eggs. They are a wonderful food; small, self-contained, nutritional treasures. An average chicken egg is 50g, containing 6g of protein, and about 78 calories. In a 2000 calorie/day diet this represents 12% of the daily recommended protein and only 4% of the daily calories. Granted, an it also contains 62% of daily recommended cholesterol, but managing your diet in other ways can counter this. Once your flock is established, you can expect to get 4-6 eggs per hen, per week, which represents a significant resource for [...]

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