A tactical flashlight should be an essential part of your everyday carry kit because–unlike a normal flashlight, which is primarily for illumination–a tactical flashlight has multiple uses that could be vital to your survival. This is a guest post from Shooting Mystery.
Tactical Flashlight

The differences between a regular flashlight and a tactical flashlight.

Regular flashlights provide illumination, which is helpful when you are in a dark place without sufficient lighting. But tactical flashlights offer more. They have a stronger light intensity, and a lightweight but more solid construction. Most are made of non-corrosive, waterproof, shockproof material to extend durability and life span. And they often have serrated or toothed bezels which help you counterattack any threats.

To say that your normal city life doesn’t need a tactical flashlight is wrong. No one knows what future holds. Blackouts, brownouts, dimly lit streets. You don’t have to be a hunter, or a policeman, or a soldier to benefit from the use of a tactical flashlight. A tactical flashlight will come in handy to anyone in the world.

3 survival uses of a tactical flashlight.

A tactical flashlight is versatile and useful in many scenarios. Use your tactical flashlight to:

1. Confuse the attacker

Blind him with the super-bright light. This will disorient him, leaving you time to hide, run, or draw your weapon. Even some wild animals will withdraw with such a shock. Be careful when applying this tactic. Only use it against people who are a real threat and approaching with anger, or serious aggression. You don’t want to blind an innocent person–like a child or your neighbor–in a terrible misunderstanding.

2. Become an extra light support for shooting in the dark

Tactical Flashlight at NightYour gun is a powerful self-defense tool. But if you can’t see your target, then your gun is useless. Scope manufacturers create night-vision scopes and weapon-mounted lights. However, both of those accessories have disadvantages. Night vision scopes don’t help when the surroundings are too dark. And the weapon-mounted light causes users to point the gun at the target with chances of unintentional firing.

This is why many people love using a police flashlight as an extra source of light for shooting in low-light conditions. It provides more light so that you will have a quicker target acquisition. And it’s clearer and sharper, resulting in more accurate shots. Night vision scopes, if aided by an extra flashlight, will be more precise and effective.

You can hold your gun in one hand, and the light on the other hand. This approach allows you to adjust your vision without pointing the muzzle at the target. This prevents you from unintentional shooting or causing harm to other people. When you need to hold the rifle with both hands, you can turn it into a weapon-mounted light. Many police flashlight models have an attachable part to be easily attached to the barrel of the gun. The attach/detach process is quick and easy.

If you are shooting with a semi-automatic rifle such as AR-15 or AK-47, a police flashlight can be more useful. Those guns are made for close combat, so people often don’t mount a powerful night vision scope on it. These sights are too heavy and bulky. Instead, a red dot sight is more effective for an AR-15. But with red dot sights, your vision in the dark is very limited. Thus, attaching a flashlight onto the rifle is an optimal idea. Extra light, extra vision and the same convenience, those are wonderful features for an AR-15. If combining with a good AR-15 bipod, your shooting will be more accurate and consistent even in a dark forest.

3. Start a fire

This is not its primary purpose but you can make a fire with a tactical flashlight. There is more than one way to do this.

  • Method 1: this method is the most guaranteed way to start a fire with a flashlight. Firstly, you need to remove the head and the protecting glass. Then, break the bulb. Be careful in this step because you don’t want to break the whole bulb. You want to break the outer glass but leave the filament untouched. Next, put tinder (lint, paper, or hair) in and switch the light on. After some seconds, you will have a tactical firing match to start a bigger fire.
  • Method 2: this method is only available during daytime, especially when there is blazing sunshine. Take out the protecting glass on top of the flashlight. Hold it in the air between the sun and the tinder. Then, wait for a couple of minutes for the sunshine is converged and burn the tinder.
  • Method 3: this solution is only available with some specific tactical flashlight. Some models are designed to emit an intensive light that is able to burn flammable materials nearby. Just turn that mode on and shove your light near the tinder.

Bonus: the right way to hold a flashlight alongside your gun

As I said, a tactical flashlight is a good alternative to weapon-mounted light. But how to hold it to secure accurate shots and safety? My answer: the right way to hold a flashlight and a gun are the eye index technique.

There are many ways to do that and you will see them often in the movies. But the most effective one is rarely seen in cinematic scenes. First, hold the flashlight with your non-dominant hand. Then, put it beside your head, at the same level with your eyes. Second, hold the pistol in your dominant hand and stretch it out. This technique allows you to see both the target and your gun’s sight. It also more secure because you don’t point the gun at the target.

If you have owned one, take a look at our quality picks for good police flashlight. 3 survival uses of a tactical flashlight above have proven its importance. It isn’t an item in your everyday carry kit. It can be your life savior when chances come. So, check for the flashlight every time you go out. Also remember to recharge it at home, creating a habit of this will ensure your safety and convenience.

This is a guest post from Shooting Mystery.
Shooting Mystery