Remington Sniper RifleWhen it comes to firearms, the sniper rifle is the ultimate game changer. Being able to reach out at long distances to take out important targets can change the morale of soldiers and the outcome of individual battles. The psychological impact of a really good sniper, can make aggressors too afraid to move around in the open. During Vietnam war, Carlos Hathcock was a force that scared the enemy. Many snipers lost their lives hunting Hathcock. One kill that has been reproduced in many Hollywood movies is where Hathcock shot a sniper through his own rifle scope to kill him. MythBusters did a segment on their show to see if it was even possible. Modern times Chris Kyle racked up 160 confirmed kills to become the U.S. sniper with the most confirmed kills of all time. American Sniper tells the story.

Mellissa GillilandFor the prepper, sniper rifles could be an important consideration for your defense. You don’t need a 50 cal sniper rifle for this. Sometimes the best sniper rifle is just a good bolt action hunting rifle handed down from your father.

Personally this is my favorite type of shooting. Close combat shooting with a pistol or an AR-15 is exciting. But long range shooting through a scope is more satisfying for me.

Similar to the Ultimate AR-15 Link List and the Ultimate Archery Link List this post will be an ever growing and expanding list of links to sniper rifle manufacturers. Please send me links that you think should be on this page. And if you are a company who makes an sniper rifle, or related products, send me a free one and I will be happy to review it for this site! 😀

*Photo of shooter on pickup originates from Melissa Gilliland’s website

Sniper Rifle Manufactures

Sniper Rifle Accessories / Sniper Rifle Scopes

I tried to find rifle accessories and scope manufacturers that specialized in only sniper scopes, but honestly there really weren’t any. Let me know if I am wrong and I will happily list sites. Please refer to the section on the Ultimate AR-15 Link List page.

Sniper Videos on YouTube

Sniper – Inside The Crosshairs Full HD Documentary 2016 Sniper – Inside The Crosshairs Full HD Documentary 2016 – Journey inside the science and psychology behind the greatest shots in military history, through the scope of the world’s most extreme marksmen. Deconstruct the missions, ranging from Vietnam to Iraq to Afghanistan, presented by the men who were there and pulled the trigger.

5 Things You Don’t Know About: Sniper Rifles – This original series looks at sniper rifles and quickly recounts five “unknown” facts or stories about them.

How to Shoot Prone – A short instructive video that is good for beginners.

Great Sniper Web Sites