GOVX Government Worker Discount Site

An Army buddy of mine recently turned me on to an online store. It was specifically created for Military, First Responders, and other government Agencies. It's called GOVX. GovX Mission To create the ultimate, privileged, e-commerce destination for active duty, reserve and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces and related government agencies. We believe in our Mission because the men and women for whom GovX was built perform jobs that few people want to do, and even fewer can do. When the country calls on them, they are there. When a life needs saving, they arrive. When a tough [...]

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2019 Stocking Stuffers for Preppers

Let's look at some Amazon products that would make great 2019 Stocking Stuffers for Preppers. MRF MULTITOOLS Credit Card Multitool A really cool tiny tool that seems to be able to do everything. I was a little bit intimidated with the documentation that came with it. But I find myself using it all the time. Great tool for a glove compartment or a bug out bag. You won't find a tougher Credit Card Tool than the Universal 3.0 60+tools in One. Made from 2mm ULTRA DURABLE, WATER and RUST RESISTANT HEAVY DUTY 440c HARDENED to 52-54 HRC CARBON STAINLESS STEEL, [...]

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Weight Watchers for Your Survival

For the last ten years of my life I've had an expanding waistline. There are plenty of reasons for the weight gain; slower lifestyle, less cardio work, changing metabolism as I age (I'm pushing 50). But it may be more honest to say that I am simply less concerned about my physical condition than I used to be. The need to push myself, physically, to compete in the dating scene is long behind me. I have a good marriage, a happy family, and a job that I enjoy. And over the years, I got soft. So, it was a real [...]

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3 Ways to Safely Store Your Firearms

In this guest post, Richard Douglas offers a guide to safely storing your firearms, specifically addressing: Training your family about firearm safety. Three different gun-storage systems. Preparing your firearm for storage. Let's get started. Training Your Family Before I show you the three proven gun-storage systems, I'd like to start off with this: Train your family to follow basic gun safety rules. This is the most important tip I can give you. Practicing safe gun-storage is great and all, but let's face it, you're bound to make a mistake. One day you might forget to lock your safe… or maybe [...]

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Survival Strategies Learned From History Channel Alone

After watching the fifth season of the History Channel Alone TV show, my wife and I decided to binge watch the show from the beginning. We both enjoy the show, but we find that we will pause a lot while watching it to armchair quarterback the participants. If you are not familiar with the show, the premise is that ten individuals are dropped off in a remote area. With limited resources, they have to survive as long as they can. The individual (or two person team in season 4) that lasts the longest wins a large cash prize. --Spoilers in [...]

Great YouTube Prepper Channels

Here are a list of some great prepper YouTube channels that I follow. Prepping YouTube Channels Merriwether - I always try to support my favorite foraging guru. My Self Reliance - First found when he posted his complete log cabin build series. The Gray Bearded Green Beret - Lots of really good information. Joshua Enyart is a former Army Ranger and Green Beret who teaches Emergency and Tactical Survival, Bushcraft, and Preparedness. Bob Hansler - Nice variety of videos. Survival Lilly - Survivalist from Austria Canadian Prepper - Innovative Gear reviews, discussions about the collapse of civilization as we know [...]

Best 9mm Pistol at Every Price Point

There are hundreds of 9mm pistols available for purchase these days. Let's explore some of the better known models, as well as some of the lesser known ones, and detail the best 9mm pistol at every price point. I'll only be talking about stock pistols in this post. But first, let's have a little history lesson. 9mm History The 9mm (9×19mm Parabellum) round was first developed in Germany in 1901. It was specifically designed to be a larger round for the Luger pistol, which was using a smaller 7.65×21mm Parabellum round. Its short size and small diameter allowed the pistol [...]

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Teaching Children to Shoot

Teaching children to shoot while they are growing up is important so that they are familiar and comfortable being around firearms. Instructing them in the proper way to handle a variety of different types of of weapons ensures that they always confident in their own knowledge of what is in front of them. My family taught me, and I'm doing the same (though just a little bit differently) with my kids. Nerf guns I know what you are thinking. Nerf guns are not real!! You're right. Nerf guns are not real guns. But they are great teaching tools. Opinions are [...]

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