We are always looking for feedback and comments from our readers. Good or bad.

We are happy to entertain good guest posts that are relevant to our readers. We do not charge for posts. We also reject a huge number of posts. It has to be something that is beneficial for our site.

Here are our requirements:

  1. Must be over 1500 words
  2. Must be good content that teaches survival/prepping/homesteading knowledge
  3. If you link to a site, that site must be a worthwhile site. Not just an Amazon affiliate sites trying to make money off of clicks
  4. Must be a topic that is useful for a North American audience. Yes we have a pretty good footprint in many other countries. But over 90% of the users are from the United States and Canada. Post topics that relate to “Tropical Jungle Survival” just don’t fit
  5. English needs to be your primary language. I’m sorry if this sounds bad. But if our editor has to rewrite the post to make it useful, it isn’t useful
  6. We like to build relationships with other sites. Not just a “one and done” attitude

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