Here are a list of some great prepper YouTube channels that I follow.

Prepping YouTube Channels

Bushcraft YouTube Channels

Homesteading YouTube Channels

  • An American Homestead – Fun to watch their progress. An American Homestead is about two families who left the city to build an off grid life deep in the American Ozarks.
  • Townsends – A channel dedicated to exploring the 18th Century lifestyle.
  • Justin Rhodes – Lots of videos. More information than you can consume.
  • OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY – Great channel if you want to see how to quit the rat race and live small.

Firearm YouTube Channels

  • Honest Outlaw – My favorite firearm channel. Lots of good reviews and honest opinions.
  • hickok45 – One old man with crazy shooting skills. I want his shooting range.
  • KSGunGuy – I like his “vs” videos. Where he compares one pistol to another and decides on the best one.
  • Military Arms Channel Good variety of videos. Well filmed.
  • Lucky Gunner Much more technical channel. Lots of great info.
  • DemolitionRanch – Not a very serious channel. But fun to watch.
  • Jerry Miculek – Pro Shooter

Archery YouTube Channels

  • Archery Adventures – Lots of instinctive archery shooting. No compound bows. Just traditional bows.
  • NUSensei – Geared towards Olympic recurve shooting. But a lot of good archery skill training too.
  • larsandersen23 – Crazy archery shooting skills. Fun to watch.

YouTube Channel Suggestions

What are some of the YouTube channels that you watch? Please share them in the comments. I’ll add them to the post if they are a great prepper YouTube channels.