Mark Merriwether VorderbruggenSince I started Surviving Prepper, I have met some really great people — in person and virtually — who have interests similar to mine. But prior to starting this site, I met a man who was passionate and very knowledgeable about foraging. You may know him from his Merriwether’s Foraging page on FaceBook. His name is Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen. I met Mark at the Houston Arboretum wow probably ten years ago. He does classes all around the Houston area. His website Foraging Texas is a treasure trove of information that covers over 200 wild plants that are edible. These plants are not Texas specific. They grow all over. You probably have at least one that grows in your backyard. His site is my go-to resource whenever I want to find out about a plant.

Merriwether wrote a book that was published by the popular Idiot’s Guide series. His book covers 70 common plants and mushrooms that are easily found in yards, vacant lots, and small woods all across North America. I have promoted it several times in past posts and on social media. I figured that helping to sell more copies of this book would help him financially. I hoped that in some small way I could be of benefit to this person who has taught me so much.

But I was wrong, and those efforts were wasted. You see the publisher of that book only paid him one lump sum for his work. They don’t pay him any royalties on book sales. So the only way for him to make money on the sales of the book is through Amazon Affiliate links on his own website, or through other blogs and sites that offer to post his Affiliate link for him.

So, I decided to convert all of my site links for his book to HIS Amazon link. But that didn’t seem like it was enough. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome if I could convince other people to do the same thing? If there were a 100 blogs around the internet using his affiliate link, he would certainly benefit from that. So that is what I am asking of you. Help me help this amazing wild edibles expert support his family while he continues to passionately educate us prepper-minded and survivalist folks.

Follow the instructions below to add a link to your site for him.

Link Instructions

If you have an existing link from your site to his book, you can change your Amazon Affiliate ID to his: wilediofhou-20

Or you can “cut and paste” this link to your site:

Or if you want an Amazon Widget for your site, “cut and paste” this code:

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Participating Sites

Please send me an email to if you have done this on your site. I’ll add your site name with a (dofollow backlink) link back to your site.