I really enjoy writing here at Surviving Prepper. But I also enjoy reading great posts from other prepping web sites around the Internet. So I have decided to start doing a series that highlights posts that I find on other prepper sites. Please click through to some of these links and explore our first Surviving Prepper’s Digest.

A Tenderfoot’s Guide to Chopping Firewood at Camp – Todd Walker over at Survival Sherpa has some really great information on his site. His writing is detailed, with helpful images and videos. This post about chopping firewood is no exception. One of our very first posts on Surviving Prepper was about different types of axes. Todd explains how to safely use an axe and what is most efficient.

10 Things I Love About the Prepper Community & 5 Things I Hate – This was a spot on post! There are a lot of really great aspects about the prepper community that I have noticed since I started. But I’ve also seen some negative traits along the way. This post on More Than Just Surviving is pretty accurate about my feelings too. Great read. Oh, and the fact that the site is a husband/wife team is awesome. My wife is a really important part of Surviving Prepper, too.

How to Build a DIY Rocket Stove – I love rocket stoves! By employing a little bit of science, you can make a super efficient cooking tool. Know Prepare Survive put together a really nice article on the subject. Showing you how to build two different types, and linking off to some good resources.

Fish For Aquaponics System – Aquaponics is a topic that gets a lot of words written about it. It is a subject that I am interested in, too. Most articles cover the equipment and the building process. This post from Prepper Dome actually covers the type of fish to use. I found that it filled in some gaps in my knowledge.

Getting Started With Solar Cooking – When most people think of using solar energy, it is all about generating electricity. But Lisa, over at The Survival Mom, has done several good posts about cooking with solar energy. This post talks about getting started with solar ovens and has some really good information.

7 Antiseptics For Your Medical Kit – If I am being honest, of all the prepping topics, medical is my least knowledgeable area. Luckily, Doom and Bloom always has good information on their site. This article is about different antiseptics and when to use them. Very informative.

I hope that you enjoy these posts as much as I did. Let me know if you find a good post that you think is worth mentioning.