I really enjoy writing here at Surviving Prepper. But I also enjoy reading great posts from other prepping web sites around the Internet. Here are some posts I found recently. Please click through to some of these links and explore our the Surviving Prepper’s Digest Volume 3.

A Bug Out Bag for Frequent FlyersThe Prepper Journal had a nice post on what you can and cannot pack while you are flying. Some good suggestions, and worth reading.

How to Raise Rabbits for MeatKnow Prepare Survive had a very informative post on raising rabbits for food. The nice thing about rabbits is that they can be raised just about anywhere. Even in the suburbs of a big city.

How To Make Rice Beer At HomePrepper Will had a cool post about making rice beer. It seems really easy. I’m planning to try it.

Top 9 Reasons Why You Need a Revolver for Self-DefensePrepper Dome talks about revolvers. My wife is actually the revolver person in the house. She owns more revolvers than I own firearms! But they are fun to shoot and super reliable.

I hope that you enjoy these posts as much as I did. Let me know if you find a good post that you think is worth mentioning.