I’m sure you’ve had subscriptions in the past. Magazines. Newspapers. Netflix. It’s not a new concept to get news and entertainment by subscription. But did you know that you can also get an Ammo Subscription! Ammunition delivered to your doorstep, by subscription. Holy crap what a great prepper resource!! I can’t think of a more useful service for us gun nuts.

Imagine it: ammunition just magically appears on your doorstep. You step out and look across the street to see your gun-hating neighbor picking up her mail-order package of the latest trendy “it” thing of the moment as you reach down to pick up your much more substantial, timeless, classic monthly subscription of 7.62, 5.56 and .45 auto ammo. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Ammo Subscription Details

Subscriptions can be scheduled for delivery at every one, two, or three month intervals and can be cancelled at any time. All ammo is sold 50 rounds per box. All of the bullets are Full Metal Jacket Round Nose  (FMJRN) except the .40 S&W which is Full Metal Jacket Round Nose Flat Point (FMJRNFP). The brass is re-manufactured (Reman) which means it has been fired once before, then put through a process to bring back to new specs. The best part about Reman ammo is that it is 20-30% cheaper than new brass. If you reload ammo you are familiar with this process. All of their ammo is made in the United States.

Pistol Ammo

Caliber# of GrainsBullet TypePrice*Price per Round*
.40 S&W180 grainFMJRNFP$12.92$0.258
.45 ACP/Auto230 grainFMJRN$14.20$0.284
9mm Luger115 grainFMJRN$10.15$0.203

Rifle Ammo

Caliber# of GrainsBullet TypePrice*Price per Round*
.223 Remington55 grainFMJRN$14.49$0.289
.308/7.62x51mm150 grainFMJRN$31.97$0.639

*Price at the time of this post

The only way to beat the prices that Ammo Subscriptions offers is to buy in bulk, and (often) foreign made.

Your subscription ammo is shipped by FedEx, and the shipping cost is calculated based on your shipping address. My order of one box each of .223, .9mm and .45 ACP ended up being just over $50 a month. Not bad for what you get.

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