Ruger 10/22 – Ultimate Upgrade Guide

The Ruger 10/22 is by far the most popular .22 caliber rifle ever made. Most models are inexpensive, the design is simple, and the rifle is super reliable. Plus it is the perfect rifle to teach a child how to shoot. Each one of my children have one of their own. This is my Ruger 10/22 - Ultimate Upgrade Guide! Because the design is so simple, there are a huge number of upgrades and accessories that can be added to it. Much like our popular Remington 700 upgrade post, let's go over what can be done. Choose Your Stock Upgrade [...]

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Spearfishing in the Ocean to Feed Your Family

In a disaster, it's the food that's going to go first. Far too many people are living day-to-day, week-to-week as if they've not yet grasped the problem. When the grid goes down, everything will stop. Everything. The butcher you rely on for meat will shut his doors. The supermarket shelves will be stripped bare. Truckers won't be bringing in any new supplies, and that's where things get a little scary. If you don't have a plan, it's your family who will be hungry. Without a plan, you put your entire family at risk. My name is Max Kelley, and I [...]

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Would You Survive a Knife Fight?

I was recently reading a Tom Clancy book - Power and Empire - (which of course isn't written by him anymore, since he passed away in 2013) and the main character went through some pretty intense knife-fighting training to enhance his martial art skills. I'll go into more detail about it later. But it made me think about the fact that I don't have any real knowledge of how to defend myself with a blade. Sure I own lots of knifes. In fact I own several iconic fighting knives. But if I went up against a really skilled knife fighter, [...]

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School Shooters Aren’t Born. They’re Made.

Let me start this post by saying that, while I am a gun enthusiast who believes in the right of the people to keep and bear arms, I do NOT condone the use of guns in the senseless killing of innocent people. And that's the only way I can think of to describe what school shootings are; senseless killings of innocent people. Horrible tragedies that take the lives of innocents, devastate families, and send communities reeling. There is no excuse for that kind of slaughter. No excuse. But there IS reason for it. Reason behind it. And it has nothing [...]

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Generational Strengths in Times of Crisis

"How am I supposed to prep when my family member is in such bad health?" I get asked this question a lot, actually. And I fully understand where it comes from. My dad, who lives with us, was recently diagnosed with dementia. So the question has arisen in my home: how do we prepare and account for Pop? The news, however, is not quite so doom and gloom. In fact, every single age group has strengths when crisis strikes. Some of these strengths are easily noticed while others are more like a diamond in the rough – they have to [...]

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3 High-End Pistols to DROOL Over

I love shooting. It doesn't matter if I'm plinking with a .22 or shooting long range with a high powered rifle. I enjoy all of it. But when you get a really high end pistol in your hands, GAAAAWD the drool starts flowing. Don't spend your money on multiple mediocre pistols when you could own better. Let's look at three awesome high-end pistols that will change your world. Dan Wesson Discretion Commander I've shot twenty or so different 1911 .45 pistols. My favorite ones by far have always been the Dan Wesson 1911s. The 2018 Dan Wesson Discretion Commander is [...]

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When and Why You Need Body Armor

In recent years gun-related incidents and attacks have been on the rise. This poses the need for civilians, security personnel, military and law enforcement agents in the US to look into their options for body armor. While no vest is 100% bulletproof, it can significantly increase the wearer’s chances of survival in the event of getting shot. With this in mind, there are different types of ballistic armors suitable against the different types of calibers available in the US today; from soft "lightweight" body armor, to hard body armor with heavy ballistic plates. To understand how to use body armor [...]

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Takers and Leavers as Explained by Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael

This will not be the normal Surviving Prepper post. I'm worried that it might not be well received. But I feel so strongly about the topic matter that I'm taking that risk. I recently read a book called Ishmael, and even before I finished it I felt a need to write about it. I hope this post will open some eyes. I hope it will make you think about the bigger picture. That's a pretty big statement, but if you stick with me here you'll learn that we've been lied to, and you might agree that the bigger picture holds [...]

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