When it comes to home security, there’s really no such thing as “enough.” Most houses aren’t built with security in mind. Builders put physical appearance and inexpensive construction at the top of their priority list. But you can do more. It’s up to the homeowner to enhance security on their own. With only a few simple changes you can dramatically improve your home security. And who wouldn’t want to do that? Because when an intruder breaks into your house — to harm or steal from your family — you will do anything to protect what is important to you.

1. Three Inch Screws

Three inch screwsMost door hinges only use 1-1.5 inch screws to hold the door in place. Making it pretty easy to kick in a door. Replace each screw one at a time with a long 3 inch screw. Do this on every door that lock in the house. If an intruder spends several minutes trying to break down the door, this provides valuable time for you to get ready to defend your home. This is one of the cheapest security activities that you can do for your home. Plus it only takes 30 minutes or less for the whole house.

2. Security Window Film

Security Window FilmEvery house has window. I doesn’t matter if they are old lead glass or modern double/triple pane windows, they are still fairly easy to break. From there a intruder can unlock doors or climb through the window to enter your home. Security window film is a thick film that you apply to the inside of your windows to add another layer of protection. The film is almost completely clear and doesn’t stop you from seeing out of your windows. But thick

3. Security System

DIY Home Security SystemThere are some great install yourself security systems available these days. Having a system that can monitor your first story doors and windows will give you the peace of mind to sleep better. When an intruder hears a loud siren after he messes with one of your doors or windows, they are more likely to run away. Plus if you have a camera (Nest Cam indoor / outdoor) that catches an image of their face or even an image of their car, outside the house. Even having images of people knocking on doors could later turn into pictures of burglars. Since most burglars will do some information gathering on a future target. You can provide valuable information to the police to help capture the intruder. Knowing which neighbors have exterior cameras on your street is a good idea too.

4. Motion Detector Flood Lights

Motion activated floodlightIf you can shine a light on an intruder multiple times before they get to your front door, an intruder may just skip your house and go to one that is less lit up. Motion activated floodlights are the way to go. They are easy to install and light up more space. Look for the LED versions, so you will never have to replace the bulbs.

5. Remote light switches

Remote light switchesThere are several technologies available that allow you to control your hardwired lights or the socket that your lamps are plugged into. Imagine if you are an intruder and suddenly all of the lights in the house come on at once. This would certainly startle most intruders and give you a moment of surprise where you can have an upper hand in the situation. You do not have to spend a fortune on this all at once. Buy a little bit at a time. This is an excellent way of using modern technology to increase your home security.

6. Dog

Beware of DogA nice big scary dog will make an intruder think twice before breaking into your house. Their bark is a vocal threat that scares most intruders. Even a small lap dog that will bark like crazy will make enough noise to wake you up. Which is an important part of home security. Look at your local SPCA for a new family member. Police dogs that are fully trained are often retired after a certain number of years of service. Then adopted out. This may be a good way to find a security dog. Cats on the other hand, will rarely do anything valuable during a break in. 🙂

7. Security Door

Security doorA nice thick solid wood door with no windows is the most secure route to go for your home. Decorative windows on the door can be broken and then an arm can reach in and easily unlock a door. It is the same with windows beside your door. French doors are not very secure either. Since two doors beside each other with no real solid frame between them is typical. They are very easy to kick open. Security doors are rarely used for home security. Because most people have never heard of them. This Prime-Line door looks like a typical wood screen door. But is actually a metal framed and reinforced door that makes it hard to break into your house.

8. Proper guns, ammo

Pistols, shotguns or an AR-15. It doesn’t matter. Hell every person in my house can shoot an arrow through a six inch circle at the ranges my house allows. So that is a nice quiet option too. But understand what each weapon is capable of doing. Know that sheet rock will stop an arrow and small shotgun shot. But the pistol and rifle round will go right through a wall. This can be a good or a bad thing. If you know before you shoot, you are less likely to hit a family member in another room. But if you know an intruder is behind a particular wall you can shoot a few rounds through the wall and have a chance of hitting them. They do make special ammo for home protection. Bullets that will do extra damage to soft targets like people. But will not penetrate hard targets like walls. Ask your local gun dealer for home security bullets or shotgun shells.

9. Plan and practice

It doesn’t matter how well you prepare your house, what guns and ammo you have ready. If you don’t practice how you protect your home and family, it is a waste of time. Every person that lives in the house must know what to do in case of an emergency. Where to be and what their responsibilities are. Home security should not be only the father’s job. Everyone working as a team will be more effective.

10. Call the police

Back the BlueI know what you are thinking… there is no way a policeman can get to my house in time to help with an intruder. I totally agree. But if I am using firearms for home security, I want the police aware of what is happening to cover my butt legally. Plus if they do get there before the action is over, they can sweep the house, gather evidence and pursue any intruder that flees the scene. Police are always your friends. Just be sure to announce who you are and lay down your gun when they get to your home. Last thing you want to happen is for the police to mistake you for the intruder and shoot at you.

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