So here we are. Last, but certainly not least. Part 3 of my series of posts on Prepper Guns. In this post I will be discussing what the liberal anti-gun media considers evil, semi-sentient, blood thirsty, slaughter machines. The Modern Sporting Rifles. I can almost hear readers saying “Finally he gets to the Assault Rifles!” but not so fast friends. The PKGs we will be talking about here are NOT Assault Rifles. You can do a fair amount of assaulting with them, but that doesn’t make them Assault Rifles. Outwardly they may appear to be identical to their military brethren, however, there are certain features that they lack which separate them from the True Assault Rifles carried by today’s military. The primary difference is the inability to fire in burst or full auto mode. The ability for the weapon to fire in either burst or full auto is what makes it a true Assault Rifle. The common civilian variants of these rifles do not have that ability and therefore are not Assault Rifles. They are, in fact, Modern Sporting Rifles. That’s the difference the liberal gun grabbers refuse to acknowledge. They know the difference but they’re hoping and counting on the fact that the average voting age civilian doesn’t know the difference. But enough about the Gun Grabbers. In a SHTF situation or TEOTWAWKI they’ll be wanting their own PKGs. Here’s hoping that they’ll go without !

Modern Sporting Rifles Tavor

Okay. So, Modern Sporting Rifles. As a civilian variant of a military grade assault rifle it is probably the ultimate PKG for a Prepper. If you’re comfortable with firearms and you’re familiar with their usage this is a tool that you need — and let me emphasize the word NEED — in your prepper toolbox! A good quality Modern Sporting Rifle will be able to withstand the rigors of almost any situation that you can find yourself in if the SHTF. There is currently a huge selection of Modern Sporting Rifles available as of this posting. However, due to the recent massacre of innocent civilians in an Orlando nightclub by yet another muslim extremist there is a good possibility that the current President will try to use Executive Action to enact a ban on Modern Sporting Rifles and any other firearm he thinks he can get away with. But currently, there is still a MSR out there in just about any configuration you can think of, just waiting for you ! The choices range from AK variants, and ARs to full sized Battle Rifles like M1A and the British L1A1 or CETMEs and H&K 91s and 93s. There are new rifles like the Israeli Tavor or the Bushmaster ACR, to name a couple. The variety is nearly endless so chances of you finding your Perfect Match are very likely and you needn’t spend a fortune doing so. Prices currently range from the $500 Mil-Spec bargain blasters to the Boutique rifles from specialized manufacturers that cost many thousands of dollars. Now, I haven’t fired all the types out there but I’ve owned or operated many of them. For the purpose of this post I’ll concentrate on the types I own. My rifles currently run from the 16″ barreled AR carbine that I built myself, chambered in .223 Remington, to a higher-end Alexander Arms AR and a higher-end Arsenal SLR-107 AK.

Modern Sporting Rifles AR15The first of the Modern Sporting Rifles on our list is the Swiss Army Knife or Gerber Multi-tool of Modern Sporting Rifles. The AR. It’s a lightweight, light recoiling weapon, that is very shootable for youths and women, or anyone else that is looking for a highly accurate, soft shooting rifle. It’s modular design is capable of accepting many aftermarket accessories such as lights, lasers, grips, and bipods, and because of this modularity it finds itself to be the ultimate in mission adaptable firearms and lends itself well to a Prepper’s toolbox. The weapon basically comes in two halves, a upper half and a lower half. The upper half consists of the upper receiver, the sighting system, the handguard, and the barrel. It is attached to the lower half by means of two retaining pins. The lower half consists of the lower receiver, the butt stock, and the pistol grip. The weapon is magazine fed. The magazine is loaded into the weapon via the magazine well in the lower receiver. Because of the modularity of the weapon, the lower receiver can be fitted with many different types and calibers of upper receivers. This is only limited by the size of the round that can be fed from the magazine, which loads via the magazine well. Uppers can be found in several different barrel lengths and many calibers that will operate through the standard AR magazine. In addition to the standard military issue 5.56mm you can get uppers in .300 Blackout, 6.8 SPC, 25-45 Sharps, and my  personal favorite the 6.5 Grendel. So imagine, you have a handy little Patrol Carbine with a 16″ barrel and a Red Dot style sight. It’s fine for Home Protection or carrying in your Bug Out Vehicle, but it’s a little lacking in the hunting or “Reach out and touch them” department. So what’s a Prepper to do ? Why, just switch ! Push out two pins, switch out upper receivers, and 30 seconds later you can have a 20″ barreled 6.5 Grendel with a tactical scope that can reach out to 1000 yds and will cleanly take animals ranging from  Groundhogs to Whitetail deer. It would also perform very well in the sniper mode if called upon to defend against two legged threats. I’ve used ARs for a long time and own a few currently. I can switch and swap, mix and match, the components of and from these rifles and complete any type of mission successfully, whether it’s building entry or long-range threat elimination.

Modern Sporting Rifles AKThe next of the Modern Sporting Rifles on our list needs no introduction really. The AK is universally known, loved, and reviled, all at the same time. Production estimates for the AK are north of 50 million conservatively. I finally took the plunge a little over a year ago and purchased one for myself. I bought a Arsenal SLR-107 chambered in 7.62x39mm. Its a extremely fine example of a production AK. Fit and finish are way better than you’d expect from a AK. It’s not nearly as flexible a platform as the AR though, and it may not be as accurate but man does it shoot ! And shoot. And shoot. And shoot. And…..starting to get the picture ? I’ve run it through every drill I know and it just functions. It goes “Bang” every time I squeeze the trigger. The stock folds and locks to the left making an already compact weapon even more so. It has provision for mounting an optic but I’ve yet to do that, opting to keep it simple as I become more familiar with the weapon. This weapon is super easy to operate and with a little training you might be surprised how capable it really is. The AK is tool every Prepper should consider adding to their toolbox.

Now, I’ve always been a “Gun Person”. From the age of 4 when I first fired my Dad’s 16 gauge shotgun until today I’ve had a love affair with firearms. The age of 4 or 5 is also when I decided that I wanted to be a Paratrooper in the Army and that’s also when I became interested in military weapons. While in the Army as a Airborne Infantryman I had the chance to carry and fire and be around firearms and weapons of all sorts. I became intimately familiar with the weapons of the US Army and our Allies as well as the arms of the Warsaw Pact which opposed us, which is why I own ARs and an AK. Familiarity.

Modern Sporting Rifles. I own them, and I know how to operate them, and make them work for me. You need to be able to do the same, and with the current shape of the World you may not have much time !

(This is the third post in our series about Prepper Guns. I’ve also written about the prepping benefits of owning hunting rifles and military surplus guns.)