Recently I made an alliance with Survival Hax. They sent me a survival shovel to review. Honestly this is the first time anyone has sent me a product to review. Of course I asked very nicely in both the AR-15 and Archery link list for manufacturers to send me products to review. But none of them have contacted me yet.
Survival Shovel
So let’s concentrate on the survival shovel. First off, as I picked up the box that it came in, I noticed that it was really light. In the box was a nice bag that held the shovel. Opening the bag, the first thing I looked for was plastic. I didn’t find any. In my opinion a good tool for digging shouldn’t have any plastic parts. There are a lot of survival shovels and camping shovels on Amazon at a similar price point, but most have some plastic parts in the construction of the product. This shovel is all metal.

The handle of the shovel is two pieces that screw into each other. This is kind of nice because it makes it a little longer than the average survival shovel and a little easier to dig with.

The shovel head is a good size and has a serrated edge on one side. This makes it easy to saw small wood for fire kindling. I also found that the other edge worked well cutting through small brush by swinging the shovel while the head was in a cross position instead of the full extended shovel format.
survival shovel parts
The pick axe that folds out is a great idea. I can remember several camping trips where I needed something like this while preparing a fire pit. Honestly I haven’t tried this on cold winter dirt yet. But it certainly feels solid enough.

The end of the handle unscrews to reveal a fire starter; a typical magnesium fire starter rod. It wasn’t quite as effective as some of the other fire starters I have used. But I was able to get a small fire going pretty quickly. Having an extra fire starter built into a tool like this is really convenient for camping. It is always nice to have an extra one available that doesn’t take up any extra room in a pack. I like the multi-tool features of this compact shovel.

A small folding survival shovel is a must for your Bug-Out-Bag. Being able to dig quickly and efficiently can be important in times of emergency. This shovel just might save your life someday. It is worth adding to your survival preps.

Please visit Survival Hax’s site (by clinking their logo below) to get more information about this great product.